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The Impact of IEP Instructional Coaching


of special education teachers say IEP Coaching Around YOU has a positive impact on their student learning.


of special education teachers say their practice has improved with IEP Coaching Around YOU


of special education teachers would recommend IEP Coaching Around YOU to other teachers

IEP Coaching Around YOU


As an intensive needs special education teacher,  getting the resources and support you need for your classroom can be overwhelming. 

Virtual coaching offers special education teachers at all levers to build the skills needed to solve the most pressing challenges in their classrooms. You can discuss challenges in a safe place, learn new strategies, track the efficacy of the new practice, and create action plans for continued success. 

Nicolette Lesniak brings practical and in the classroom experience to every coaching session to support special education teachers as they implelment research based practices to achieve learning outcomes for your students.

You can get the support your need to improve student learnig and outcomes. IEP Coaching Around YOU is here to help you on your teacher journey.

We give you the tools to improve the outcomes of each and every student in your classroom, so you can do what you do best--which is teach and support students and families. 


1:1 Coaching for  Educators

Coaching and mentorship with Nicolette Lesniak will transform your  special education classroom. You will go from feeling overwhelmed and not getting the support you need to  developing a strong classroom management system, working effectively with your team, and getting the resources you need to support each and every learner. 

Collaborate. Reduce Stress, Fell More Balanced.


A Flexible Virtual Coaching Program

An IEP Instructional Coaching Program that is tailored to your specific needs as an special education teacher. Nicolette Lesniak will work with you to design a professional learning plan that is build from a variety of learning experiences, including different coaching options depending on your need and teacher goals.


Mini-Course Coaching

Dive deep into a specfic topic by pairing mini-courses with a virtural workshop. You will engage in a coaching sessions after the virtual workshop to work towards the mini-course outcome. 

Targeted Coaching

Focus on one  outcome through eight coaching sessions that give you the opportunity to work 1:1 as you try a new strategy, track results and develop your practice.

Monthly Coaching

Offer you the greatest level of support and resources with weekly 60-minute sessions each week. You will be able to access personalized guidance to make lasting changes in your classroom.

What People Are Saying

Our teachers' success speaks volumes.

The empathy Nicolette has for her students and how she validated their feelings is an example for all.

Tracy Miltz

Special Education Teacher

Coaching Around You is priceless! It speaks to real world stress management and helps you with strategies to focus on improving your clasroom practices.

M. Evans

Special Education Teacher

Nicolette tailored her IEP sessions with great support. She helped me update my skills to work in special education and get my food in the door. 

Ola Ayyad

Special Education Teacher

Popular Mini-Course

Bridging The GAP

Are you a dedicated teacher looking to create a cohesive and efficient team with your paraprofessionals? Do you find it challenging to work together effectively, resulting in a disconnect in your classroom? If so, you've come to the right place. 

Paraprofessional & YOU is here to support you in fostering a harmonious and productive partnership between you, the teacher, and the paraprofessionals in your classroom. 


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